Madame Vacances and the Environment


Madame Vacances and the Environment

Nowadays, environmental issues concern us all. Businesses as well as individuals need to be actively engaged in protecting our environment and its resources. Transport, accommodation, leisure activities; each and every individual can make choices on a daily basis to reduce pollution and conserve energy. More and more people are adopting this attitude, and so to support our clients, Madame Vacances has decided to take steps to ensure a continued environmentally friendly approach, even while on holiday!

The Steps We Are Taking

Our Purchasing Policy
Madame Vacances favours environmentally friendly products, for example, the providers of our laundry and linen services use phosphate-free washing powders. Energy saving is also an important issue, and steps have been taken at selected flagship sites to reduce energy waste (installation of energy-saving light bulbs, more effective use of heating and air-conditioning systems).

Blending into the landscape
At Madame Vacances we try to minimise our impact on the quality of the landscape by respecting local architectural style and by planting local species in the areas surrounding our residences.

Dealing with Waste
In order to set a good example, at the Madame Vacances head office in Chambéry there is a recycling system in place, and awareness is being raised concerning the importance of saving paper and ink. You will also find recycling bins close to most of our residences, allowing you to separate waste just as you would at home.

Water Usage
Many of our toilets are fitted with water saving devices. Furthermore, in order to help us save water and lower energy costs in our hotels, since the winter season of 2005-2006 we have been encouraging clients to separate used and unused sheets and towels in order that these are only washed and dried if necessary.

Air Quality
To improve air quality we monitor the use of our heating and air-conditioning systems, and ensure good ventilation in our residences.

Since 2006 Madame Vacances has been using Wyse technology in an aim to reduce our impact on the environment through thin computing. So far 75% of our system has been changed.

Working Together
Madame Vacances and Mountain Riders are working together to propose ecological alternatives and to raise awareness among clients and partners of environmental issues affecting mountain regions

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