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Personal Information Request Form

Specify which type of personal identification document is being submitted on behalf of the person making the request.
To prevent fraudulent removal requests from people impersonating others, trying to harm competitors, or improperly seeking to suppress legal information, we need to verify the identity of the person on whose behalf the request is made (the relevant individual). A passport or other government-issued ID is not required. You may obscure parts of the document (e.g. ID number) as long as the remaining information identifies the relevant individual. You may also obscure any photograph in the identification document, unless you are asking for removal of pages that include photographs of the relevant individual. Ski France will use this information solely to help us assess and document the authenticity of your request and will delete the copy within a month of closing your removal request except as otherwise required by law..
Accepted files : pdf,jpg,png only
Accepted files : pdf,jpg,png only
Accepted files : pdf,jpg,png only
Ski France will use the personal information that you supply on this form (including your email address and any ID information) and any personal information you may submit in further correspondence for the purposes of processing your request and meeting our legal obligations. We may share details of your request with data protection authorities, but only when they require these details to investigate or review a decision that we have made. That will normally be because you have chosen to contact your national DPA about our decision. Where URL(s) have been removed from our Search results as a result of your request, we may provide details to the relevant webmaster(s) of the URL(s) that have been removed


DD/MM/YYYY ( For example, "19/12/2018")
The date is requested to provide proof of your signature and must correspond exactly to the day of filling in the form above. Otherwise your request will not be approved.
Ex. : Pierre Dumoulin
In writing your name in full, below, you are making a digital signature. This has the same legal value as your hand written signature. Please be aware that your digital signature must correspond exactly with the first and last name that you first provided, at the top of this web form, in order that your request is sent

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